https://www.scottpetersonappeal.org This site, maintained by Scott’s family, has case facts and copies of appeal briefs. There are links to the family run Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts and contact and support info.

Note: If Scott writes to you, please keep what he says confidential. If someone does disclose inside information, such posts or comments will be removed by admins. We cannot assess whether such information is reliable or whether it’s appropriate for it to be disclosed, or any negative effects that might arise from such disclosure.

http://www.pwc-sii.com This site was created by supporters. It has transcripts and a wealth of other information, including pages on the autopsies of Laci and Conner.

https://ededwardsserialkiller.wordpress.com This site was created by George Barwood, and has information about alternate suspect Edward Wayne Edwards. https://ededwardsserialkiller.wordpress.com/laci-peterson/ has information specific to the Laci Peterson case, but the site needs to be taken as a whole. https://ededwardsserialkiller.wordpress.com/pines-card-witness/ is a page about a witness to whom Edwards gave multiple confessions, including a confession that he directed two men where to plant Laci’s remains.


Article: “Laci Peterson remains planted” Serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards confessed that he planted Laci Peterson’s remains where they were discovered.


Mark Godsey has changed his mind about the case, has written three articles. See


Mark Godsey is the Carmichael Professor of Law at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. A former federal prosecutor in Manhattan, he is the co-founder and director of the Ohio Innocence Project, which has freed 25 innocent Ohio inmates who together served 470 years in prison for crimes they did not commit.
Also Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0ygGRj4DTQ

Scott Peterson Was not Entitled to a Perfect Trial, but he Was Entitled to a Fair One – He Received Neither by Lise LaSalle.

Scott Peterson – The Bay Search by George Barwood.

Who Killed Laci Peterson by George Barwood

Attorney Geragos bungled Scott Peterson’s 2004 murder trial, new brief alleges by Garth Stapley, Modesto Bee.


Presumed Guilty by Matt Dalton.

Documentaries and Videos

The Murder of Laci Peterson – six episodes, available on A&E, Amazon, Hulu, Spike TV, DirectTV. The first episode is on Facebook. Finale trailer. News article.

Janey Peterson talks about juror in Scott Peterson case

More Modesto Bee YouTube videos

Dr Phil Show

Why Former Federal Prosecutor Says He Believes Scott Peterson Deserves A New Trial

HLN report on the Habeas Appeal

Facebook Posts

What really happened

List of lies about the case

Why did Scott say he lost his wife

Laci was abducted after Karen Servas put the dog back

Laci doubles

A poll on reasons why Scott is Innocent

A poll on who planted Laci’s remains

A poll on who was the Zodiac Killer

A poll ” The man in a wetsuit with a snorkel, buzzing about the Bay in a rubber raft at 3 a.m,n Feb 12, 2003, one mile South of the Bay bridge. What do you think he was doing? “

A poll on why Laci and Conner were found near where Scott went fishing

A poll on when the burglary occurred

A petition

List of defense witnesses with helpful testimony

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